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Question: Is there a higher self?
Answer: There is no higher self, lower self, middle self, etc.There is no hierarchy of yourself; there is only your Spirit. Hierarchy disempowers you and makes you believe that you are not already perfect and that you need to upgrade yourself and possibly look outside of yourself for the answers. However, your Spirit already knows everything and is already perfect, so all you need to do is go to your Spirit in your heart center.

Question: How can I clear my own densities formed by judgment without having to get a clearing done by the Creation Lightship? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-05-11, 43:20)
Answer: Look at all your judgments stored in your body and release them. One technique is to go to a pubic area to sit down and watch people. First judge the people you see and then write down what you do not like about them, and then ask your body and your Spirit to release the energy from your body (it may take one release, a hundred releases, or even more to get the energy completely cleared from your body). b. Note that if you wanted to clear your own densities formed by judgment in your current lifetime, it might take 10 lifetimes to clear just this current lifetime. The clearings provided by the Creation Lightship take approximately 1 hour. The Lightship is here to clear densites and help you have a better life and prepare for ascension.

Question: How can I bring in a divine energy? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-05-11, 17:55)
Answer: To bring in any divine energy, you must first go to your heart and connect with your Spirit and then have your Spirit bring in the divine energy you want. Your Spirit knows the necessary protocol needed to bring in any divine energy. Note: Ron later advises people to not bring in or connect with Spirits other than your own Spirit energy. He found that to many people were unable to discern between true Divine Light and light of the darkness and as a result their Spirits were being abducted.

Question: What happens to our Spirit throughout our lifetime as we experience emotions, trauma, anger, judgment, etc? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-05-11, 31:50)
Answer: Your Spirit was created with divine love and whenever you judge something, you become separated from Spiritual truth and put you into duality. The duality is what makes your Spirit leave your body. So for example, whenever you get upset or angry, that will cause a part of your Spirit to leave your body. Your Spirit is always in the moment. So for example, if you are angry for half an hour, for every moment you are angry in those thirty minutes you will lose a portion of your Spirit because your Spirit will look out of your eyes and notice that it cannot handle the low vibration energy (anger, judgment, trauma, etc). When your Spirit leaves, something else like an entity may come in. So you have to remove anything that comes into your body by asking your Spirit to clear and remove them, and then you must call your Spirit back and have it healed before it comes back into you. If your Spirit is strong enough you can do this yourself. If it isn’t strong enough and many Spirits are not strong enough due to densities and planetary mind control patterns. If your Spirit needs strengthening you may wish to use the website.

Question: What happens to our Spirit whenever we do things that alter our mind (drugs, alcohol, etc)? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-05-11, 33:47)
Answer: Your Spirit will leave your body. When your Spirit leaves, something else like an entity may come in. So you have to remove anything that comes into your body by asking your Spirit to remove them, and then you must call your Spirit back and have it healed before it comes back into you. If your Spirit is strong enough you can do this yourself. If it isn’t strong enough (and most uncleared Spirits are not strong enough) you may wish to use the website.

Question: What happens to our Spirit whenever we hurt ourselves/physical body pain (broken arm, bruises, scratches, etc)? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-05-11, 35:32)
Answer: Your Spirit will leave your body. Your Spirit does not know about pain, and it does not want to live in the pain energy so it leaves. When your Spirit leaves, something else like an entity may come in. So you have to remove anything that comes into your body by asking your Spirit to remove them, and then you must call your Spirit back and have it healed before it comes back into you. If your Spirit is strong enough you can do this yourself. If it isn’t strong enough (and most uncleared Spirits are not strong enough) you may wish to use the website.

Question: How do we support and help others? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-09, 22:02)
Answer: The first thing is to support and help yourself. You can only take someone as far as you have taken yourself. Remember that you cannot force anybody to do anything (the Creation Lightship does not force any of its creations to do anything); the light only works with free choice and freewill and will never interfere with anything else. When ascension time comes, it will not matter who you have helped. What will matter is how much you have helped yourself.

Question: What if I don’t believe in the Creation Lightship and Ron Amitron?
Answer: The clearings can still work for you. To clear disbelief and gain understanding you run the 2000 Year Barcode Removal (included in the 16 bundle clearings). The Mind Control on this planet is deep and thick. Disbelief is understandable when we’ve all been fed lies since birth and baptized and indoctrinated into yet more mind control systems. The Lightship has no judgement and is free will, free choice. If you wish to purchase and use the clearings you may and vise versa.

Question: Is it alright to find out about our past lives through hypnosis? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-09, 31:43)
Answer: It’s not a good idea. When you start looking into the past, you are going into areas of the darkness (the light always works in the now). If you have an entity in you, then during the hypnosis, it could be an entity past life that is being read and not your own. We do not recommend that you do it (the future and the past are all darkside energies, your goal is to stay in the now). However, if you have any genetic problems from the past, the Creation Lightship can clear those out permanently.

Question: Can you do a psychic reading for me? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-22, 26:21)
Answer: It is recommended that you never do a reading for anyone. The reason is that when a person performs a reading, they are connecting with the darkness in order to read the darkside's script and what it holds for the person wanting the psychic reading. Instead of doing a psychic reading, tell the person who wants the reading to drop into their heart center and ask their Spirit for guidance, assistance, and whatever information they require. Their Spirit can see their patterns and their past genetic history of their ancestors. The past genetic history of a person's ancestors is what is running their life right now – that is unless they have had all the genetic history of their ancestors cleared.

Question: How do we awaken to our senses? Do we need to take a class to do this? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 06:42)
Answer: Your senses are provided to you by your Spirit. So you want to remove out any interference, such as densities and entities, in your body and have your Spirit in your body as much as possible. A class is not needed all you need is to have as much of your Spirit as possible in your body.

Question: I really believe on a Spiritual level that I do not want to be in my body. Can tantra help? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 07:17)
Answer: People give their Spirit permission to leave their body through many ways such as meditation, daydreaming (by focusing on something else outside of yourself, you release yourself from this reality), taking drugs and alcohol (whatever alters your consciousness). One reason for this is because a person does not want to be conscious of life here because of the pain that they have been through in their life – if this is the case you may wish to get clearings done by the Creation Lightship so you can become conscious of life here. You do have the ability to use tantra but anything that releases your own Divine Spirit from your body is harmful. CLS recommends that you release all your blockages from pain, trauma, etc so you can be more conscious and have MORE (not less) of your Spirit in you.

Question: I do not have joy in my life, how come? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 13:49)
Answer: It is possible that your joy body and feeling body have been overwhelmed with physic attacks and have become clogged up. If this is the case, you would need to get your joy body and feeling body cleaned out (see for clearings).

Question: Can you talk about clearing your heart chakra and turning your body into a big heart aka heart centered? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 15:57)
Answer: This is your goal, but you need to make sure your body is cleared out of all its judgment, trauma, etc. You’ll need to drop your mind to your heart (your mind needs to surrender to your heart), and then you will feel your Spirit energy. From there, you can realign yourself with your Spirit and then open up your heart chakra more. After the heart chakra has been opened, you start to run your whole heart energy into your body, and then your body starts to become heart energy and all your cells start to reunite with your Spirit. This is one part of ascension, where you reunite all of the energies in you with your heart energy of your Spirit, so your Spirit can walk with you as a light body (your body becomes a light body).

Question: How can I increase my life force energy and get my Spirit more into my body? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 40:13)
Answer: One way is to put your hands in front of you (like you are doing a prayer), hold them even with your heart, then move your hands back from each other maybe body width and then move your hands back in again until you feel an invisible tension (like a spring) that you are compressing (tell your body to tell you where your energy is; if you are a mental person you will not be able to think about or mentalize the feeling because the feeling body is a different body from the mental body). Once you find the invisible tension (energy), say out loud the following affirmation, "I now increase my life force energy." Say the affirmation once, then pull your hands further apart from each other, maybe another six inches to a foot, and then slowly bring your hands back in and you will find that the invisible ball tension has increased slightly. Repeat the process from your hands’ new position by first saying the affirmation out loud and then pulling your hands apart and slowly bring them back in. The more you do the above steps, the more you will increase your life force energy and the more you will get your Spirit into your body. If you do this whole process 3 or 4 times a day for about a week and get your body trained, you will not have to say it out loud and you will just need to move your hands (as described above) one or two times and you will be charged fully. If your invisible tension is body width or less, your body might take on energies from other people, which you do not want. After increasing your Life Force Energy if you wish to avoid taking on energies from other people you may command your body and Spirit to "clear and shrink wrap."

Question: How can we prevent psychic attacks and cording being directed at me? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 46:12)
Answer: One way is by doing the "I now increase my life force energy" affirmation (click here for more info). By increasing your life force energy, the energy pool around you will increase and help ward off psychic attacks and cording being directed to you. The energy pool around you is the divine energy you invoked in using the "I now increase my life force energy" affirmation. There are many types of cording release clearings on

Question: How do I stay in the moment, and not go into the future and the past? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-25, 16:30)
Answer: Stay in your heart center, connect with your Spirit, and use your heart energy; do not use your mind – drop your mind into your heart.

Question: What is the connection between my invisible energetic bodies and my physical body? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-09-08, 11:16)
Answer: Our invisible bodies exist to protect our physical bodies from being overloaded and over stimulated by negative energies. However, when our invisible bodies get filled up with negative energies - energies not created by the divine - the energies (densities) start to leak into our physical body. This leakage of energy into our physical body creates illnesses; we start to have problems with our physical body. The Creation Lightship can clear out these energies (densities). The Magnetic and Twisted Body Alignment Clearing specifically clears out our invisible energetic bodies.

Question: Is the heart center the same thing as the heart chakra? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-09-08, 29:44)
Answer: It is not, but it could look like it. Your heart chakra is an energetic field that connects together and goes through all your energetic bodies. So every one of your chakras are used to connect to different bodies to give them life force energy. Your Spirit resides in your heart center, and not in your heart chakra; if your heart chakra closed down, your Spirit would still connect with you and communicate with you.

Question: What happens during the mind to heart drop? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-04, 08:15)
Answer: When we do the mind to heart drop, we are actually taking your conscious mind (your consciousness which you think with – your mental body) and moving it down to your heart center.

Question: What is our super consciousness? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-04, 08:28)
Answer: Your super consciousness is your Spirit energy - your Spirit.

Question: Am I a multidimensional being? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-05-19, 02:44)
Answer: No you are not a multidimensional being; you only live one lifetime in the now. On the other hand, the darkside has created parallel lives for us, where they steal our Spirit and spread it over many of these parallel lives so they can take our Spirit energy from us.

Question: Can you discuss birth marks? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-20, 39:50)
Answer: Birth marks might be energy from your Spirit that wasn't healed in the Spirit's past life time. Birth marks could also be from genetics. Sometimes a birth mark can even have an extraterrestrial energy in it.

Question: When we pass on, what happens to our 108 energetic bodies? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-20, 14:06)
Answer: Most of the bodies are supposed to be collected by the Earth Spirit since the Earth Spirit gave us most of the bodies. The energetic bodies are given to us by the Earth Spirit in order to protect our physical bodies from energies that should not be on our planet and/or energies we have created ourselves.

Question: Can we have mind-oriented careers, like being a scientist or a mathematician and still be heart centered? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-20, 16:05)
Answer: Yes you can. You will get more information when you are connected with your Spirit while performing any job. If you feel your thoughts coming from your chest cavity, then you know you are in your heart and that is where your Spirit is and you will get all your answers instantly. Remember, your Spirit brings you your intuition/psychic abilities. So for someone who is being creative, they want to reside in their heart center all the time. When you are in your heart center and use your Spirit, you will notice that time stops.

Question: Why is my Spirit with me? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-20, 46:50)
Answer: Your Spirit is with you in order to help your body heal. Your Spirit doesn't have to be in your body but it chose to help your body through its growing process/Spiritual development so your body can become a light body.

Question: You tell us not to leave our bodies. Yet sometimes we involuntarily leave our bodies at night while we are sleeping. How do we deal with that? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-14, 11:49)
Answer: Just keep commanding your Spirit not to leave. Your Spirit really does not want to be here. Your Spirit has been trapped here on this prison planet for a long time, and it will normally take off if you give it permission to leave (such as during some meditations).You just have to consciously keep telling your Spirit to stay inside of you.

Question: What do our energetic bodies, such as the emotional body, live off of? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-07, 21:50)
Answer: They live off our Spirit energy.

Question: When our heart chakra starts growing and opening inside of us, can we feel it physically? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-04, 32:36)
Answer: Yes. For example, as you start to talk you will feel your whole body resonate with your voice because your voice will be coming from your heart even though your vocal cords are making the sound of what you are attempting to say. So you will feel your heart energy.
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