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Question: Is Ron on the Lightship?
Answer: In 2018 Ron returned to the Creation Lightship and conducts healings from there.
Answer: Ron has returned to the Lightship and conducts his healings from and through the Creation Lightship with the help of the Light Beings just as he did by bilocating to the Lightship while he was physically on the earth plane. The Creation Lightship (aka CLS) is actively working through Ron's website and his clearings to carry on the healing and ascension mission of Ron Amitron by removing darkness and densities. The Creation Lightship has always and continues to keep the website, built by Ron and the Lightbeings,, safe and the clearings active. As a result, many enjoy its benefits worldwide. Beware of impostors, the Creation Lightship (CLS) is not affiliated with any other websites, blogs or forms of communication other than those noted on this website.

Question: How long will the clearings be activated by the Lightship?
Answer: See ascension. The Lightship did not tell Ron when ascension would occur. The Lightship is outside of time. Therefore, no one here knows when ascension will occur. It could happen in a day, a week, a year or ten+ years. In a BBS Radio Archive Ron mentions that the Lightship was going to leave sometime in 2009. That didn’t happen because the Lightship is in the Now and saw the need to remain longer. Similarly, the Lightship is here Now and we have a rare (once every 2000+ years) opportunity to clear densities and prepare and be glad we have access to Ron’s clearings.

Question: How long will the clearings be available? Will the clearings I’ve done stick with me?
Answer: The clearings will be available as long as the Lightship remains here to help its creation on planet earth. The clearings you’ve completed will remain energetically intact and connected with your Spirit indefinitely once they’ve been transferred to the New Earth Clearing. See above question for more information.

Question: Are the clearings active?
Answers: The clearings on are Protected and Activated by the Lightship. Ron Amitron and the Lightbeings built the website which allows all to connect directly with 100% Divine Source Energy. Ron Amitron, our beloved Master Healer, is on the Creation Lightship and with the support of the Light Beings he powerfully impacts lives with Divine Source Energy by healing, clearing and strengthening both body and Spirit. The website is a gift to humanity to remove densities and make your life better.

Question: Why aren’t Ron and the Lightbeings helping with the world traumas?
Answer: If there’s something you want Ron or the Lightbeings to work on you MUST notify them. The Lightship sees all in perfection and since you are presumably living your-free will-free-choice-life this must be the life that you want. To change things takes work. “The squeaky wheel gets greased,” this old expression is very true of the Lightship. You MUST notify the Lightship of your distress frequently through clearings or your heart center (if your Spirit is strong enough).
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