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Question: What is a cording? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-11-23, 24:10, 33:01)
Answer: Cording is an energy link (think of an extension cord that plugs into your wall) that takes Spiritual energy away from you. When somebody thinks of you, they are putting out a psychic cord (this is mind energy, which is not in the light), and by doing so they start taking your Spiritual energy and you start taking their Spiritual energy. Cords usually attach to people’s chakras, and can also attach to different body parts. You always want to do a cord cutting to make sure that you are not connected to anyone else. To cut a cord, just visualize a connection between you and some other person/people and see these cords being released from yourself. Sometimes the person will know you disconnected from them, and they will re-cord you. If that happens, ask the Sun if you can plug the energy cord into it, and if the Sun says yes, just plug the cord into the Sun; the Sun has plenty of energy and the person will not even realize that they are disconnected from you. Cording can occur from different people and sources. There may be hundreds or thousands of cords connected to you and sucking energy from you. If you’re unable to clear a cording there are many types of cording clearings available on

Question: Why do some saints have incorruptible bodies after they die? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-09-08, 31:56)
Answer: Their Spirit energy comes in and stays with their body after they pass away. One saint with an incorruptible body is Saint Bernadette.

Question: Who are our soul mates? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-04, 36:26)
Answer: Your true soul mates are not here on this planet – these are the Spirits that were created the same time as you on the Creation Lightship. This is known as your Twin Flame. The darkside mimicked the soul mate concept and so when you incarnated on this planet, you were placed into a soul family - your soul family are the Spirits that you forced to incarnate over and over again with on this planet (reincarnation process that was created and controlled by the darkside). Soul Family members have contracts that are sometimes harmful to you. Your Soul Family and contracts can be cleared using the Soul Family Clearing on the website.

Question: Is there such thing as oneness? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-03-19, 24:39)
Answer: Oneness does not exist; it is a term that was brought about by the darkside. Everything created by the Creation Lightship has its own unique frequency. If you accept the darkside’s idea of oneness, then you would be a rock, a tree, another person, etc. But that is not how the Creation Lightship creates its creations. The closest thing that you are to the concept of oneness is that you have only one Spirit. Some people believe that when they die they will go into oneness .This is not the case because you were not created to go into oneness. Your Spirit was created to go out into the universe and experience life. Even on Creation Lightship, there is no oneness.

Question: Even since I have been receiving some healings from the Creation Lightship, I have noticed that people from my past are trying to connect with me. Why is this happening? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-22 2009-07-22,39:46) Also, could cords or cordings cause people to come to me after my healings? (Reference: BBS Radio Show, 50:34)
Answer: It is very possible that the physical bodies of these people would like to have a healing and they are seeing where you changed. Also, it is possible that the person has entities in them that want to create a confrontation with you in order to invalidate your healings. As for cordings, it is possible that you being corded to someone can cause them to come back into your life after you receive a healing. For example, after you receive a healing, the energy from you going through the cord to the person you are corded to may cause the person to say, “Wow this person's energy feels great.” As a result, the person may come right back into your life and ask you what you did to cause your energy to change, or they may become more codependent on you.

Question: What is the reason for a Spirit experiencing different experiences in the universe of light? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-22, 45:15)
Answer: You are just experiencing an experience; you are just experiencing different forms of Light. In the universe of light – language of light - there is no such thing as a learning curve or learning lesson.

Question: Is there such thing as “universal timing” or “divine right order” in the universe of light – language of light? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-22, 48:15).
Answer: No there is not, they are darkside energies/creations. Note that the light only works in the now there is no time in True Divine Light.

Question: What causes stillborn - stillbirth – babies? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-27,43:00)
Answer: The Spirit, who initially choose to come into the baby, for some reason decided not to come. At that point, any other Spirit in the same soul family can come into the baby. Note that your soul family are the Spirits you are forced to incarnate over and over again with by the darkside (the darkside's forced reincarnation process). However, if none of the Spirits in the soul family decide to come into the baby's body then the baby will be a stillborn (stillbirth). Some reasons why a Spirit may not want to come into a baby are: the Spirit doesn't like the situation or the genetics, the parents of the child were on drugs, or some other reason.

Question: What causes abortions? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-27, 43:00)
Answer: The spirit, who initially choose to come into the baby, for some reason decided not to come. At that point, the spirit of the baby tells the mother to typically have the abortion process. This process may be less traumatic then having a stillborn (stillbirth).Some reasons why a spirit may not want to come into a baby are: the spirit doesn't like the situation or genetics, the parents of the child were on drugs or some other reason.

Question: Can you please explain the non-dualistic state of being? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-14, 10:24)
Answer: It is peace energy. Somehow we are taught in new age metaphysics and religions that you must experience the negative to know what it is like to be in the positive, or maybe to have pain in order to know what it is like to be out of pain, or the reflection of a bad situation versus a good situation, etc... Peace or Love energy does not have any of those things involved in it. Love energy is just being in the present moment – there is no reflection of love. Love is just pure love energy, which is what you should be feeling when you are in your heart center. The Light never created the darkness and there is no duality in the Light; the Light is only pure peace/love energy.

Question: Have we already ascended?
Answer: If you’re here reading this you have not ascended. If someone tells you that you’ve already ascended that is not an ascension from the Creation Lightship. They are referring to abduction with is very different from ascension. Abductions capture all or parts of your Spirit energy against free will, free choice and then feed off that energy.

Question: How can I tell if somebody's Spirit is in their body? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-14, 16:53)
Answer: One way to tell is to look at the person's eyes. If their eyes are bright, like a young baby then their Spirit is in their body. If their eyes are not bright but glossed over or black, then their Spirit is not in their body or they have a very low percentage of their Spirit in their body. Dark black eyes can indicate the body is inhabited by a shapeshifter or entities.
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