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Question: What is the difference between a Light Being and a human? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-20, 08:53)
Answer: Light Beings typically do not go through any type of incarnation. They do not have bodies and their role is to become and stay a Light Being. A regular human is just a human. Your Spirit was a Light Being when it was first created on the Creation Lightship. However, it can never go back to being a Light Being on the Creation Lightship because it was created to experience life in the Universe of Light – at the moment it is experiencing life with you.

Question: Can my Spirit go back to the Creation Lightship like Ron's Spirit or Jesus' Spirit? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-20, 20:20)
Answer: No, your Spirit can never go back to the Creation Lightship. Your Spirit was created to experience the Universe of Light; your Spirit was created as an expression of the Light. However, Ron's Spirit and Jesus' Spirit are Light Beings that are created to assist Light Beings that incarnate in order to experience the Universe of Light. Ron's Spirit and Jesus' Spirit have the ability to go back to the Creation Lightship.

Question: Am I a Light Being? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-09, 00:38)
Answer: Initially you were a Light Being until you left the Creation Lightship. When you leave the Creation Lightship, you are a Spirit going out to experience life; as a Spirit, the first place you go to is your home base planet not planet earth.

Question: Can I be as strong as the Light Being you bring in? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-20, 12:28)
Answer: When your Spirit is 100% in your body, you are just as strong as any of the Light Beings. You must drop/release all of your judgments for this to occur.

Question: How come the Light Being looks different at different times whenever the Light Being picture gets activated? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-07-20, 37:52)
Answer: Different Light Beings may come in through the Light Being picture at different times; all the Light Beings on the Creation Lightship are anxious to help us.
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