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Question: How do I get to God? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-09, 28:43)
Answer: Don’t seek God energies outside of yourself. No religion or person can get you to God. What is referred to as the “god” energy is your Spirit which is always within you. Your Spirit connects to Divine Source Energy; stay in your heart center to connect to your own divinity. The Creation Lightship strengthens your Spirit energy which erases the bumps and bruises of every day life strengthening your Spirit and making it easier for YOU to connect with your Spirit’s strength again.

Question: What are the God energies some religions pray to? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-09, 09:53)
Answer: The God energies that religions pray to are actually extraterrestrial energies. When a human prays to these extraterrestrial energies, their bodies and thought processes attach – get corded - to these extraterrestrial energies. From there, the extraterrestrial energies imprint the human’s mind with mind controlling energies and the human becomes a slave to the mind. The human does not know much about Spirit because they are taught that the Spirit is in duality and that they have to keep working on themselves, otherwise the God out there is going to zap them – so they have to listen to this God energy. By connecting to these extraterrestrial energies, the humans dilute their own Spiritual energy by giving it away to something outside of themselves (the extraterrestrial energies) and are made to feel that they are not worthy of themselves because they can never reach the status of God (the extraterrestrial energies).

Question: What do you do if you have someone that asks for you to pray for them? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-09-05)
Answer: Pray = Prey. When they use the word pray, they are asking for something outside of themselves to harm them. By praying to something outside yourself, you are allowing yourself to become a prey for the dark energies (predators). Do not pray for yourself or anyone else because the prayer is using mind energy and the mind energies are from the god plane. The god plane is the extraterrestrial energies that are here to cause you harm and put you into duality. Do not pray - Remain in your heart center and connect with your own Spirit.

Question: Is it a good idea to live next to a church or any other building used for religious services? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-03-07, 52:50)
Answer: It is probably not a good idea to live near any building used for religious services because the religions typically use energies such as vortexes, portals, wormholes, stargates, etc to bring in God energies (extraterrestrial darkside energies) in the name of good.
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