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Question: Where are all the UFOs from?
Answer: A majority of the UFO crafts are reengineered crafts that are being flown around by humans (manmade crafts). However, there are extraterrestrial crafts that are also flying around this planet.

Question: Should extraterrestrials be on our planet?
Answer: No, the extraterrestrials should not be here on the Earth. The Earth should be a safe haven for the life that is here. We should not have any type of extraterrestrial intervention whatsoever on this planet; they bring technologies far beyond our consciousness. What the extraterrestrials have brought us the last one hundred years to keep us from ascending is our electronic advancements, which does have its advantages because it has helped Ron get his information out over the internet. However, even though the electronics look wonderful and have some advantages, they still are preventing humans from ascending; most people have gotten sidetracked, over simulated, and have gotten this need for instantaneous gratification by going outside of themselves when all they need to do is go within to their Spirit in their heart center. Also, why didn’t the extraterrestrials bring their technologies a thousand years ago instead of a hundred years ago? We would be far more advanced, in our heart centers, and ready for ascension had they done so, but instead they decided to sidetrack us this last one hundred years before ascension.

Question: Is the Galactic Federation protecting us?
Answer: If there was a way they could have helped us they would have by now, but so far nothing has happed. Unless they are bribed or “bought off” they should be here to protect us and this planet 100% from the darkside. From what the Creation Lightship can tell though, it appears that they have been bought off. In the New Age Movement, people talk about how the extraterrestrials are coming sometime in the future to help us, but remember that the light only works in the now. So the extraterrestrials are actually giving us lip service to make us feel good, but they are just lying to us. They might give a reason for not being able to help us (example: karma), however, they are not helping because they are gaining something from not helping us. They have not been here to help us for thousands of years because people have been trapped here on the planet Earth in the reincarnation cycle for thousands of years. Had they been protecting us they would have removed the people here from the darkside reincarnation process (bondage).

Question: Are there good extraterrestrials?
Answer: Yes there are, but very few and it’s hard to tell which are good and which are bad. Like Ron says, if a UFO landed near him, he would be running away from it because you cannot tell if the UFO and the extraterrestrials on it are in the light or not, and you risk being abducted by the darkside.

Question: Is the Galactic Federation going to put a hold on the ascension process? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-07-23, 41:15)
Answer: They are doing it right now.

Question: Can you discuss what an orb is? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2010-06-07, around 11-12 minute mark)
Answer: Orbs are like little scouts that come from the master - mother - jellyfish. The orbs have little tentacles that connect with our thoughts in our cellular memory. Each of your cells contain memories of your thoughts from your entire lifetime. The orbs can read this memory and bring a complete motion picture in your dreams - for example - of the memory they read and they can change the memory. The orbs can also come into our thoughts and can connect with other orbs, which could be connected to other people causing those people to come into your life. The orbs then can communicate with each other through you and the people, which can bring harm to you and them. After having the Creation Lightship remove orbs from you, the orbs can give you a waste product as they are leaving. This occurs in the head area; the orbs that are connected throughout the rest of your body seem to be just retrieving energies. The orbs around your head can make you drowsy, tired, depressed, etc. because they secrete their waste products into you which numbs out your consciousness. This is why you can be having a great day and all of a sudden you hit a downer such as when you want to do something. It might be a result of the orbs controlling you and not wanting you to do something - a form of mind control. That is why there is an Orb Whole Lifetime Clearing on the website.
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