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Question: Why do we have natural disasters on the planet Earth such as tornadoes and hurricanes? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-14, 07:35)
Answer: The Earth Spirit did not choose to have any natural disasters occurring on this planet. Instead, the natural disasters are all caused by the extraterrestrials who are interfering with the planet Earth. The Earth Spirit was created in pure love and intended for us to live in pure love.

Question: How can I help the Earth Spirit heal, get ready for ascension, etc...? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2010-06-07, around the 31 minute mark)
Answer: The only way to help the Earth Spirit is to not help it. Remember that the Earth Spirit should be as big as the planet, which is very large compared to us humans. So you cannot help it out by your thoughts, by your heart energy, etc... However people can help the Earth Spirit and the planet by NOT praying to Gods outside of themselves (instead people should become self-empowered, which the Creation Lightship can help you do; all you need is one book with one page, and that page will say "Go Within"). Don’t open up stargates and vortexes, etc... learn more here.
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