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Question: How long would it take me to clear my emotional body if I decided to clear it myself instead of using Ron Amitron on the Creation Lightship? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-20, 22:52)
Answer: It takes Ron Amitron on the Creation Lightship about a minute to clear away the emotional body from each year of your life – so for most people, their entire life is cleared out in less than an hour. However, if you were to do the clearing yourself, the Creation Lightship informed Ron that it would take about 10 lifetimes working continuously to clear out this one lifetime you have right now, and that is a long time compared to how fast Ron and Creation Lightship can perform the clearing.

Question: What are the Essential Clearings?
Answer: The Emotional Whole Lifetime Clearing, Death Barcode Removal, Mental Whole Lifetime Clearing, Ascension Barcode Removal and the 2000 Year Barcode Removal

Question: Is the healing I receive from the Creation Lightship permanent? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-05-11, 51:31)
Answer: Yes, the healing you receive from the Creation Lightship is a permanent onetime healing, but the healing will only work for the years the Creation Lightship healed (any years not healed still need to be healed).

Question: I have had a clearing with the Creation Lightship, and I would like to get a clearing done for someone else also. However, I don’t think that person would accept the Creation Lightship as factual and would probably reject the offer to have the clearing. Can I still get a clearing for that person? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-11-23, 46:00)
Answer: Yes, that person can still receive the clearing. Their Spirit is in charge of the healing, and it will always say yes to the healing offered by the Creation Lightship even if the person does not want it. The Creation Lightship can work with anybody anywhere even if they do not know about it. This type of healing is called an absentee healing.

Question: Does the Creation Lightship work with the crown chakra? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-21, 27:34)
Answer: Your crown chakra is not connected to your body. The Creation Lightship is here to help you with your body and the consciousness of your body with your Spirit, which is why the Creation Lightship only works with the first six chakras. Everything outside of that, like your seventh chakra (crown chakra), is not affected by the darkside 99.9% of the time. With that said aliens frequently attach to you through the crown chakra and there is a Crown Chakra Alien Cording Clearing on the website.

Question: Can we clear the future and bring light into the future? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-09-08, 25:10)
Answer: Unfortunately the Creation Lightship cannot do that; the light only works in the now. If the light could work in the future we would not have the situations we have on this planet right now. However, if the light could work in the future we would lose our free will and free choice.

Question: Why does Ron countdown when a clearing is occurring? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-09-08, 32:48)
Answer: All healings are a command. Ron counts down with numbers in order to command the energy at that particular time (it is not hypnosis). The audible count down is not necessary but Ron does it out loud to help people understand what he is doing.

Question: Can you discuss the Mind of the Body? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-24, 33:11)
Answer: The Mind of the Body is like your physical body's healer. Your body has its own mechanism to heal itself such healing a finger that has been cut. When you are younger things tend to heal a lot faster. However, as you get older things may heal more slowly. So why doesn't an older person heal as quickly as a younger person? First, it is because the older person's Mind of the Body is not functioning properly – this would be the consciousness of the person's body to heal itself. Second, it is because you and your ancestors' emotional baggage is preventing you from having a healing. This is why we have healing sessions with the Creation Lightship.

Question: What is the Emotional Stress Death Barcode? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-24, 56:24)
Answer: The barcode brings stress to you in order to kill you. So if you have stress in your life, the barcode is bringing up stress from your ancestors in order to get you to work in the mode of stress, which also brings people into your life to stress you out. This is why some people say, “Stress will kill you,” which is true. Use the Alien Death Barcode Removal Clearing to remove.

Question: Can you explain the Spirit Infusion healing? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-22, 33:25)
Answer: The Spirit Infusion healing is designed to bring more of your consciousness from your DNA into this lifetime. The Spirit Infusion healing works with different things such as your physical talents and your physical deformities/problems. For example, suppose you are taking a math test, and you are having difficulty and want a little more knowledge or understanding on the subject. With the Spirit Infusion healing, your Spirit can come forward with your wanting/request and bring up more DNA to help enhance the talent you want (in this situation it would be mathematics).This concept works the same way with physical deformities/problems – your Spirit can bring forth DNA to help heal your physical deformities/problems.

Question: Is there a clearing that will help stop the darkness from causing me to dream? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-20, 22:35)
Answer: Dreams are frequently bleedthrough from Parallel Lives. We were not designed to have Parallel Lives but the darkside uses them to suck more energy from us. More than likely the Parallel Life clearings can help with this problem. However, you may need additional clearings and/or another clearing altogether.

Question: Can you talk about the Light Infusion Chamber, which was brought to expo and workshop events? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-06-04, 49:47)
Answer: The Light Infusion Chamber is connected directly to the Creation Lightship and it infuses Light into the cells of your body. Once you go into the chamber and the healing session starts, you are automatically transported to the Creation Lightship. Our bodies were created from Light as were the extraterrestrial races we originate from. However, when we were brought to the planet Earth, the extraterrestrials altered the light consciousness in our cellular structure. This is why people are striving for DNA attunements because they know their body is missing something – in actuality, all these people need is Light infused back into their cells; they do not need DNA attunements. The Light Infusion Chamber also clears away densities in your body, puts your aura close to your body, fills holes, takes away entities, does physical healings, etc. All you have to do is go into the chamber, sit down, and ask for a healing. This healing is now available online. Prior to Ron returning to the Lightship he introduced the Light Infusion Healing Chamber as a powerful healing tool.

Question: Why do we sometimes yawn during a healing?
Answer: Sometimes you may note that Ron yawns on the radio archives or you may yawn during a healing. The yawning indicates that the body is releasing negativity and unwanted densities from it.

Question: I felt nauseous after this last clearing what should I do?
Answer: If you feel nauseous, sleepy, dizzy, yawning, tingly or nauseous it's the clearing at work. To help the energies integrate take a shower/bath, walk around, take a nap, drink Divinely Activated Water. Don't use sharp things and don't drive until you feel stable. 50% of females will feel the healings and 5% of men feel the healings. Non-feelers sometimes feel nothing but observe differences in people's reactions to them and other internal/external changes.
Also, if you feel a clearing strongly it means there is a big need for it. The Unlimited version of most clearings is available for $50 and allows you to continue using it.

Question: Why is it when Ron is performing healings on the archives, he sometimes sounds disconnected, in non-judgment, in discernment, and not emotionally attached to who and/or what is being healed? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2010-06-07, around the 32:35 minute mark)
Answer: When Ron performs healings, he cannot be involved emotionally with anything. The Source Energy, which is pure Divine Love energy, does not have emotions or judgement. When you get into emotions - judgments, which is what emotions are - then you are in the Darkness. Instead of being emotionally involved with something, you should be in discernment and non-judgment.
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