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Question: When will ascension happen?
Answer: This is a special time in our earth’s history. Ascension occurs roughly every 2000 years. The Creation Lightship has been here since 2005 and is here now. This is the preparation time for ascension. When Jesus was here 2000+ years ago he was here with the Creation Lightship to help people prepare for ascension. The Creation Lightship works outside of time. There is no time in 100% Source Energy / True Divine Light. Therefore, it’s impossible to put a timeframe on ascension. Ascension could happen at any moment: today or tomorrow, or in 10 months or in 10+ years. Again, time does not exist on the Creation Lightship, there is nothing to be labeled 10 months or 10 years. This is our mortal mind trying to put it into a timeframe. This is the final preparation time. The Creation Lightship did not tell Ron when ascension would occur. Although he states that this will be the last ascension on this planet.

Question: Do we need to be all cleared for ascension? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-25, 10:35)
Answer: Yes you need to have your densities cleared from your body for your body to ascend.

Question: What will happen at ascension? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-07-25, 12:17)
Answer: At ascension, the universe of light that the light created will get turned off (like a light bulb gets turned on and off by flipping a switch), and since your Spirit is from the light, it goes onto its next incarnation when the universe of light is turned back on again. At ascension, everything that has a Spirit will separate from their Spirit (the body will have its own blueprint and the Spirit will have its own blueprint).Then it is up to a Spirit to form a creation, and this creation then is reformed; if your body is able to integrate and hold the Spirit energy of your Spirit that left it, then your body will be able to do the ascension.

Question: How much do you have to be in your body to make the ascension: 70%, 80%, 95%, or 100%? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-08-19, 53:28)
Answer: It depends. Typically your Spirit has to be in your body 100%. However, if you are not 100% in your body and if the Creation Lightship can find the missing parts of you, then you might also ascend. For ascension, your Spirit needs to be 100% in your body and integrated with all your cells.

Question: What if somebody wanted to ascend one thousand years ago? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2008-08-04, 45:17)
Answer: They would not have been able to ascend because the Creation Lightship does the ascension process every two thousand years; you can only ascend every two thousand years when the Creation Lightship does the ascension process.

Question: Why does the Creation Lightship do the ascension process? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-07-23, 16:21)
Answer: The Creation Lightship initially did not have a preset time to come in to check its creations. It found out that its creations were being infiltrated by the darkside, and so the Creation Lightship decided to come forth and put two thousand year cycles in place so that it can release and disconnect its life force energy from everything that it created. Once this life force energy is disconnected, and since the darkside lives on this life force energy, the darkside will have to drop away from the light. The universe of light then gets reformed again and everything created by the Creation Lightship is 100% in the light.

Question: When we ascend, will we be the same age that we are right now? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2007-07-23, 44:23)
Answer: You will have the chance to go back to your Spiritual blue print and select the age that you would like to be. Whatever age you decided to choose, you will be in 100% divine perfection; if you are missing a finger or maybe you broke an arm, your finger will be reformed and your broken arm will be fixed 100%.

Question: Suppose someone has cleared all their densities and their Spirit is 100% in their body. Can the person and their Spirit ascend at will? Can the person and their Spirit ascend at any time they want? (Reference: BBS Radio Show 2009-07-20, 55:30)
Answer: No, the person and the Spirit can only ascend when the Creation Lightship does the ascension process.
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