Ron Amitron Archives

Question: Can I download the audio files?
Answer: It is Ron’s intent that his audio files and videos remain available to help people. You may download the audio files for your personal use only.

Question: Do the sample healings on the radio archives and videos work?
Answer: The clearings are protected by the Lightship and Activated to work continuously and indefinitely if you are working on clearing densities with through Ron on the Lightship. Sample clearings on the Radio and video archives will work up to two months if you do no work on yourself. In the archives the trips to the Lightship are activated for peace energy.

Question: Why do I yawn and get tired when listening to Ron’s radio archives?
Answer: Yawning is a result of the body releasing densities. You are yawning as a result of the sample clearings. If you find yourself yawning, sleepy, dizzy, sweating, nauseous or the like it means your body is expressing a great need for that particular clearing.
Ron Amitron's media resources may be downloaded for personal use only. They are also available on BBS Radio, and ListenNotes.
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